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Reasons Why Your Grooming Routine Can Make You Break Out

May 11, 2022

Five Reasons Why Your Grooming Routine Can Make You Break Out

No guy wants a face full of pimples. A lot of men with acne assume that their unsightly breakouts are due to their genetics. It’s true that some people are predisposed to acne, but breakouts aren’t always natural. They may be a result of common mistakes in your grooming routine.

If you want smoother skin, it might be time to look closely at your grooming routine, particularly how you shave. To help you say goodbye to unsightly blemishes once and for all, here are the five men’s grooming mistakes that can make you break out and what you can do to fix it.

Reason One: Your Blade Is Terrible

If you’re one of those guys who reach for the same old dull, cheap razor and uses it until it stops doing the job, then it’s no wonder that you’re breaking out. An old and dirty razor is a hotbed of bacteria, and bacteria is one of the biggest culprits behind breakouts. Furthermore, an old razor can create razor burn and bumps, which aren’t technically acne but are just as ugly as blemishes.

When you shave, you should be using a clean, sharp blade. You can use a disposable razor, just make sure it’s a quality blade and that you throw it out at the first sight of dullness or grime buildup. Most quality disposable blade cartridges will give you about 15-20 good shaves.

Reason Two: Your Beard Is Full Of Blemish-Causing Oil and Bacteria

If you sport a beard, then reason one probably doesn’t apply to you. However, it’s not just the clean shaven guys who break out. When a bearded guy breaks out on or around his beard, his beard maintenance routine is usually to blame.

A lot of guys avoid washing their beards, complaining that it dries out the hair. It’s true that a face wash can leave beard hairs feeling dry. To combat this, try Woodlee’s Beard Tonic. It’s packed full of natural emollients and vitamins, none of which cause blemishes. It will allow you to wash your beard thoroughly and then restore its health, moisture and shine.

Reason Three: Your Shave Cream Is Clogging Your Pores

When it comes to shaving creams, most guys are happy to reach for the boring old white foam available at the drugstore. However, this stuff is dirt cheap for a reason. It’s packed full of pore-clogging oils and chemicals that dry your skin out. Drying your skin might sound like a good idea if you struggle with oiliness, but the truth is that your skin can often produce more oil if it thinks it’s being dried out, which can cause breakouts. The foaming shaving products you find at the drugstore aren’t really meant to be good for your skin. Instead, they’re simply meant to create a rich foam that gives the illusion of moisture.

Switch to our Shave Formula, which is formulated with vitamins and oils that will hydrate and nourish your skin without clogging your pores. It doesn’t come out of the tube foamy the way those drugstore products do. However, if you can’t live without a foaming shave cream, simply use a shave brush to work the product in a thick, creamy lather.

Reason Four: You’re As Dry As The Sahara

Remember, drying out your skin doesn’t help to beat breakouts. Instead, it fools your skin into thinking that it’s going through a drought, which in turn causes your body to produce more oil and pore-clogging sebum. Hence, if you’re not using a hydrating product, that could be why you’re experiencing breakouts.

If you want to combat breakouts, try our Post Shave Balm. It’s a rich, hydrating balm with a great scent that will restore the moisture you lose during shaving back into the skin. You don’t have to wait until you’ve shaved to use it, either. Work a small amount into the skin anytime you’re feeling dry.

Reason Five: You Shave Dry

If wetting your skin to shave it involves you splashing barely any water on your face, then you’re probably seriously drying out and irritating your skin. The best skin for a shave is skin that’s been able to soak in water for a bit prior to the actual shave. Ideally, you should shave after stepping out of the shower. If showering wouldn’t be convenient for you, however, you can cheat your way to a moisturized face by holding a damp, warm washcloth over your face for five minutes before you start your shave.

You don’t have to live with irritation and breakouts. If you identify these five men’s grooming mistakes and correct them, you’ll gradually begin to see a major improvement in your complexion.

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