A Gentleman’s Guide to Beards and Shaving

Woodlee's October 14, 2016 January 11th, 2018

2 Primary Causes of Shaving Irritation

Shaving irritation is primarily caused by 2 things: Poor Technique and/or Poor Products.To learn the proper techniques please see our article titled “Shaving Tips and The Proper Way to Shave.” Poor products (what you find in drugstores and mass retailers) usually...

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Shaving Tips and The Proper Way to Shave

  1. Shave immediately after a warm shower and/or splash warm water on your face before you begin. This will help soften the facial hair and open your pores, two critical details for the perfect shave. 2. Always shave using warm to hot water. As water temperature...

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5 Most Common Shaving Mistakes

Shaving is both an art and a science. While many companies will have you believe that it’s the blade that matters, the truth is the blade is the least important aspect of a comfortable shave. Avoid the following mistakes and you’ll be on your way to a closer, more...

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