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Barbetology®: Where the Best Aspects of Barbering and Cosmetology Collide




The professional skill of combining barbering techniques and cosmetology to produce superior men’s haircuts and grooming services.

An Answer to Our Grooming Questions

As guys with ridiculously serious standards, we have a lot of questions. Why is it so hard to get a high-quality, consistent men’s haircut? What’s the difference between a barbershop or a salon? Does it matter if a barber or a cosmetologist cuts your hair? The list goes on!

Instead of waiting for the answer to appear, we went ahead and created it ourselves. It’s Barbetology®, and it’s what we’ve been looking for all along. A cutting-edge training method and philosophy for men’s haircutting, shaving and grooming, Barbetology was developed to give the client a more complete and consistent result.

Did You Know…

That barbers and cosmetologists go through two distinct training methods for men’s haircutting and grooming? There are specific advantages and disadvantages to both training styles – but a major downside for clients is a total lack of consistency. Very few professionals are trained in both, meaning it’s rare to find what you’re actually looking for.

Most chain haircutting establishments – even those specifically for men – are salons with cosmetologists. On the other hand, most independent barbershops have barbers. That’s because there’s very little overlap between training styles, and that makes things hard for the client.

That Is, Until Now.

Introducing Barbetology: a whole new approach, training and way of thinking about men’s grooming. At Men’s Ultimate Grooming, we’ve changed the men’s grooming landscape through pioneering Barbetology.

Before Barbetology, you never really knew what you were going to get. Some hairstylists are proficient with clippers, others with shears. Some are more trained on long hair, others on short. Some are more detail-oriented, others are not. With Barbetology, you know exactly what to expect. It takes the best of both barbering and cosmetology worlds and applies them to deliver unparalleled, precise and superior consistency – so you can get the best haircut of your life, every time you sit in your Barbetologist’s chair.

Woodlee’s is Favored Among Barbetologists

High-quality grooming professionals need the products to match. And that’s where we step in. Woodlee’s was specifically designed with both the professional and the consumer in mind. We wanted to offer both Barbetologists and their clients products that work well, smell great and don’t cost an arm and a leg. They give Barbetologists the confidence to do what they do best. And – bonus – you can bring professional-grade products straight home to your bathroom counter for confident style every day.

Woodlee’s products are paraben-free, sulfate-free, cruelty-free, water-based and vegan. They’re ridiculously serious – manufactured with exceptionally high standards for unbeatable results.