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The Do’s & Don’ts Of Shaving

December 20, 2021

Learning how to shave is a rite of passage for all men. Once you shave your face for the first time, it will be part of your routine for the rest of your days. It’s important you learn the correct way to shave. If not, you can easily count on small cuts, irritated skin and an overall unpleasant feeling mug.

Trending beard styles and razor technology will always change, but the basics of giving yourself a great shave never does.

The Correct Way To Shave

We’ve raised the bar here at Men’s Ultimate Grooming by using specialized shaving products and focusing on a high quality experience. The following are great shaving techniques you should begin to incorporate into your shaving habits . We will also share with you some big “don’ts” you should never do while shaving, unless of course you want the small nicks and irritation that follows.

Pre-Shave & Post-Shave

Conquering your mustache and beard calls for more than just a razor and water. If you have sensitive skin, It is recommended that you use a pre-shave treatment such as Woodlee’s Beard Tonic to soften your beard and to add an extra layer of protection. After shaving, follow up with a post-shave balm to calm any irritation and add essential oils back into your skin. In fact, a quality post-shave balm may be the most important step in the shaving process.

If you’re looking for a ridiculously good post-shave balm, that carries the essential oils your skin needs while smelling great, be sure to check our Woodlee’s Post Shave Balm.

Shower, Then Shave

A hot shower opens up your pores and softens your beard, allowing a close, clean shave with little to no irritation. The steam created from the hot shower causes the skin to soften and it loosens up the pores. This allows the blade to glide smoothly across your face. Shaving over the sink is classic, but if you are the ‘shave in the shower’ type, then you should invest in a fogless shower mirror for the best results. If not shaving right after a shower, at least put warm water on your face over the sink before you begin shaving.

This might be obvious, but we recommend that you always have a mirror around when shaving!

Short Strokes

Using short strokes will result in a painless, neat shave. Short strokes also reduce the amount of pressure placed on the blade handle, which leads to less cuts. At some point someone gave bad advice to shave with endless strokes.

Though there are many styles and techniques, trying to shave with endless strokes should never be one of them.

Always Change Blades

The worse thing that you can do to your skin is shave with an old razor. There is a saying that goes ‘the quality of the shave is only as good as the razor.’ Choosing the wrong razor can be a costly, and a painful mistake. Good quality razors will have an indicator strip that determines the condition of the blade.

When the indicator strip begins to fade to white, it’s time to change the blade.
If you’re wondering which razor is right for you, click here for a list of the best razors for men.

The Wrong Way To Shave

Although the bad tactics listed below might seem like basic information, sometimes it’s best to state the obvious. You will be able to enjoy clean, close, painless, refreshing, less irritable shaves if you can avoid the following bad shaving techniques.

If you have a friend that’s new to shaving, be sure to share this valuable information with him.

Do Not Use Soap

We would not recommend a bar soap to wash your body, so don’t even think about using bar soap to wash your face! Using bar soap on your face will leave behind residue that dries out your skin. Even moisturizing bar soaps can do serious damage to your face.

If you’re looking for a great shaving cream and ready to ditch the bar of soap, try Woodlee’s Shaving Formula. Surprisingly enough, you can even use their Beard Tonic beard oil as a preshave oil!

Finish with Cold Water

The temperature of the water has a significant impact on the success of your shave, so it is important that you pay attention to the sink settings during your grooming routine. Remember, earlier we learned that warm or hot water opens up the pores. Warm water is also a better wetting agent, this means that it allows the blade to glide better. At the end of your shave, however, you need cold water to rinse and close and tighten your pores. So remember, shave with warm water first, rinse with cold water after.

Do Not ‘Strong-Arm’ While Shaving

It’s already hard enough to achieve a flawless shave consistently. Don’t add more pressure to the task. Applying too much force to your face while shaving will result in bumps, bruises, nicks and irritation . Relax and let the blade guide you as it glides across your face. It shouldn’t be a bloody mess every time you shave!

There is no need to show your strength while shaving. Smooth and easy should always be the goal.

Do Not Shave Dry

With all the education and technology available, you will be surprised by the number of men who try to shave without shaving cream, gel or shaving formula. This can cause irritation, razor bumps and cuts. Dry-shaving is a technique mostly practiced by those who use electric razors. If you’re using any type of razor to shave, you must use some type of shaving cream or ointment.

It creates a shield on your face that protects the skin from the hardness of the blade. Ask about Woodlee’s shaving formula.

Woodlee’s – Ridiculously Serious

For a smooth shave and healthier skin, you have to do more than the traditional ‘razor over skin’. By learning and following the instructions above, you will avoid cuts, bandages and razor burns. Shaving doesn’t have to be so painful!

It’s about time that someone took men’s grooming serious. We’re serious about men’s grooming. Woodlee’s decided to work with renown chemist and experts to develop a new line of shave products that are available at any MUG location. We are dedicated to being much more serious about men’s grooming products than anyone else. This is Woodlee’s “Ridiculously Serious” Supply Co.