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How To Grow A Beard

January 15, 2022

It can be a challenge to grow a beard, but keeping it groomed and presentable can be just as difficult. And if you learn the following facial hair care tricks, you will find that growing and grooming a beard has never been so easy.

Eat Your Vitamins

If you are Ridiculously Serious about growing and maintaining your facial hair, supplements like Vitabeard will help you achieve your goal. Your beard is mostly made of proteins and fats, but having a daily dosage of Vitamins B5, B3 and B9 will help you grow a full, healthy beard. Eating more greens, egg yolk, nuts and lean meat can help speed up the growth of your beard too.

Your Beard Should Match Your Face Shape

The shape of your head should dictate your beard style and how you grow your beard, and your facial hair should match the dynamics of your face. We are not trying to tell you how to grow out your beard, but if you want to avoid looking like a shuttlecock, you should take our advice. You might not be a math whiz, but geometry and symmetry are your beard’s’ best friend.

The majority of men have one of the following face shapes:

  • Oblong/Rectangular Face: beard should have full sides and a short bottom.
  • Round Face: facial hair should be long on the bottom, short on the sides.
  • Square Face: hair should be full on the chin, shorter on the sides.
  • Oval Face: oval faces are neutral when compared to the other face shapes, so most styles will work well.

Don’t Forget To Wash

It is a must that you wash your face every day, but not your beard. Men naturally have oily skin, so washing your face at least twice a day is necessary: once in the morning and again in the evening, but your beard is a different story.

Our bodies produce oils that benefit your beard, but if you wash your beard everyday, then you are washing away those natural oils and you will be left with a dry and possibly damaged beard. On average, you should wash your beard at least twice a week. If you work outside or play sports for a living, then it is okay to wash your beard everyday if you apply beard tonic after washing.

Learn To Train Your Beard

Trimming your beard to your chosen shape will help train your facial hair, but it’s not the only way. Combing or brushing your beard on a regular basis will combat stubborn hairs and force them to grow in the correct direction. There are several types of combs and brushes designed for beards available on the market. Use one on a regular basis and you will grow the beard of your dreams.

The Correct Way To Trim

There was a time when growing a beard was easy. Just stop shaving. Nowadays, things are much different. It is necessary for men with beards to still be presentable, so beards require much more tailoring. Not keeping up with your beard might display your manliness, but it may not benefit you during your next job interview.

Pruning is needed, if you wish to have a well-groomed beard. Investing in a quality trimmer is essential. Try to master the following techniques:

  1. Comb it out
  2. Use clippers for an even cut
  3. Fade the neck and cheeks
  4. Trim the mustache properly
  5. Use scissors for detailing
  6. Finish with a beard tonic to add moisture

Beard Oil, Beard Oil, Beard Oil

We cannot say this enough, and we’ll say it again: Nothing helps a beard more than using beard oil on a regular basis. A specialized product such as Woodlee’s Beard Tonic, which is much more refined than your basic beard oil, will make your beard softer and shinier. If you need more information on beard oil, consult with your local MUG location.

Don’t Forget About The Mustache

Beard and mustaches go together like peanut butter and jelly. Unless you plan on leaving your house with a chinstrap, growing a mustache will compliment your beard. To keep it looking neat, trim the area under your nose with a pair of grooming scissors. If there is a certain look you are going for, you can keep your mustache in place with styling wax.

Last But Not Least, Be Patient

An awesome beard is a product of self-discipline. When you are in the beginning stages of growing your beard, try to resist the temptation of trimming or styling the peach fuzz on your face. Leave it untouched for the first 4-6 weeks. This allows the hairs to grow in evenly on your face, as some hairs grow faster than others. Then you can pick a style that best suits your face.

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