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Hi, We’re Woodlee’s.

We are the most ridiculously serious men’s grooming brand out there. Here’s our story.

How did we get so ridiculously serious? Well, long story short, it started with shaving irritation. In 1995 while studying business at Purdue University, Woodlee’s founder Lee Wood couldn’t seem to get a good, close shave without irritating his skin.

It got him thinking: Why did men with high standards have such a hard time finding grooming products that worked well, smelled good and didn’t break the bank? An entrepreneur at heart, Lee took matters into his own hands – and from there, Woodlee’s was born. Today, Woodlee’s products are trusted and loved by grooming professionals and customers alike. Many won’t use anything else!

Lee also founded the Men’s Ultimate Grooming franchise, where guys can go for high-quality cuts and shaves and unparalleled consistency. After partnering with master barbers, cosmetologists and stylists, Lee also created the concept of Barbetology®, a mix between barbering and cosmetology techniques to produce superior men’s haircuts and grooming services.

Try Woodlee’s for yourself.

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