About Woodlee’s


The year was 1996. While a student attending Purdue University, Lee Wood was fed up with shaving irritation. Throughout the following years he researched and experimented and reached the conclusion that a bad shave was the result of two things: bad technique and/or bad shaving products.

Then in 2004, Lee envisioned Men’s Ultimate Grooming (MUG), a men’s salon/barbershop with a distinct focus on improving the 2 most common areas of men’s grooming: The haircut and the shave. He made a commitment at this time that it was always going to be about quality, not gimmicks.

Soon the “Ultimate Shave” service was developed at the MUG salons, allowing men to experience a relaxing service and to receive the most comfortable and close shave imaginable. There was one problem, Lee was still not satisfied with any of the men’s shaving products on the market.

The technique was perfected, but the products still were not. Therefore, the shave was still not quite perfect. The only choice at this point was to develop his own shave products.

What ingredients can serve multiple purposes? How do you provide the best protection while still getting as close as possible? Can shave products actually improve your skin’s condition? What about guys with facial hair that don’t shave? What other men’s grooming products can we improve?

There was a lot of serious thought going into this, and all this thought and research paved the way to the inception of Woodlee’s.

This is 20 years in the making. This is a renewed commitment. This is a dedication to being much more serious about men’s products and services than anyone else. This is never compromising on performance and quality. This is Woodlee’s “Ridiculously Serious” Supply Co.