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Choosing The Right Razor

February 2, 2022

If you are looking for guidance on how to choose the right razor for a smooth facial shave, you have definitely come to the right place. There are a variety of options when it comes to choosing a razor to remove unwanted facial hair. As a matter of fact, there are so many options, that it can be difficult to know which razor is best for you.

Be sure to look for the following when choosing your next razor.

The Number Of Blades In Razor & Moisturizing Strips

Usually, razors have anywhere from 2 to 5 blades, although there are 6 blade razors on the market nowadays. If you have a very thick and coarse beard, you should use a razor with 4 or more blades. If you don’t have a lot of facial hair, then using a razor with 2 or 3 blades will result in a clean, neat shave. The number of blades will vary depending on razor models.

Also, if you tend to use multiple strokes will shaving the same area, you should use a razor with fewer blades. If you make 3 strokes with a 5 blade razor, you’ve just had a blade drag across your face 15 times. This could cause irritation. Most people tend to get the best results from a 3 blade razor.

We also recommend buying a razor that has moisturizing strips. These strips protect your skin and can be very beneficial, leaving you with a soft, smooth shave. No matter the brand of the razor blade you choose, we always recommend that you become familiar with the instructions on the packaging for the best results.

Remember to change your razor blade on a regular basis. If you are using disposable blades, just throw away after use.

Traditional Razor or Electric Razor?

Traditional razors are the best option if you are trying to achieve a close and clean shave, but if you have hypersensitive skin, an electric razor will cause less irritation when shaving. Electric razors are also a good option if you are running late, or in a hurry. Traditional razors always yield the best results, though it takes more time, it is always the best option. Just ask your local barber, stylist, or better yet, barbetologist!

Sharpness Of The Blade

Using a top quality shaving razor usually has nice sharp blades. Cheap razor blades usually aren’t as sharp and might pull the hair while shaving or not cut the hair as closely. You will not experience a smooth shave when you compromise quality by buying a cheap shaving razor.

Determining The Weight Of Razor

The overall weight of the razor is not that important, but it is the distribution of weight that can have an negative effect when shaving. We recommend buying razors that are comfortable to hold and use. A good razor will have the ability to balance itself in your hand. Razors that are too heavy on one side or the other are not a good choice. Some disposable shaving razors come with a very heavy head and can have an unfavorable impact while shaving.

Review The Ratings

With so many razors to choose from, take the time to check out the reviews and ratings before making your purchase. Do as much research as you can. There are tons of forums and blogs that are available online that list the best razors available to buy. When you start to do your research on which razor blade to purchase, remember the following:

  • Blade type: Use stainless steel blades for premium sharpness and hygienic purposes.
  • Razor head: Flexible razor heads can be angled across your face for precision. Most cartridge razors have pivotal heads.
  • Maintenance: Rinsing and wiping off the blades every few shaves extends the life of the razor.
  • Length & weight: Choosing the razor that is comfortable to hold and easy to grip will improve your shaving results and experience.
  • Special Features: Buy razors with lubrication strips or a razor with multiple blades. These razors provide the best results.

The Take Away

Choosing the right razor can be a difficult task. Even experienced shavers can have a hard time finding the “perfect razor” to shave with. Also remember that the sensitivity of your skin and how frequent you shave might limit your razor blade options.

So there you have it; keep these tips in mind when finding the right razor, and happy grooming!