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Reasons To Shave With Warm/Hot Water

November 19, 2021

There are certain techniques you should avoid to prevent obtaining cuts and shaving rash when using a standard razor. Always take a shower right before you begin to shave, or at the very least splash warm water on your face over the sink. Once your face has been exposed to the steam and warm water, your facial hair becomes very soft. This allows for a smooth shave. Shaving with cold water will cause your facial hair to have sharp ends that are capable of piercing the skin of anyone you hug.

If you ever received a shave from a professional, then you will notice that the shave always begins with your face being covered with a warm washcloth for several minutes. There are many benefits of using warm water:

  • Warm water makes your facial hair stand up, making it easier to shave.
  • Warm water helps the tips of the hairs from being sharp.
  • Warm water relaxes and loosens the skin.
  • Warm water opens and cleans the pores. Clogged pores result in acne and ingrown facial hair.
  • Warm water prevents shaving rash.

Ready, Set, Shave!

Once your pores are open and your beard is soft, then it is time to lather up and start shaving. But before you lather up, apply pre shaving oil to your face if you have particularly sensitive skin. This allows the razor to glide easily across your face to avoid cuts, redness and irritation. Once you applied the facial oil, now it is time for shaving cream. We recommend that you ban all shaving foams and gels from your bathroom. Not only are they bad for your skin, they also dry out your facial hair.

After the shaving cream has been applied evenly on your face, the shaving begins! A common mistake men make is shaving against the grain. This increases the chance of razor bumps and ingrown hairs. You will definitely know the feeling if you are shaving against the grain. Your shaving experience should be smooth, clean and refreshing. You are shaving the wrong way if you feel tugging and pulling as the razor glides across your face. If you like the feeling of an extra-close shave, you can shave against the grain AFTER you’ve already shaved with the grain and have applied more shaving cream.

Warm, Then Cold Water Is The Key

As you may know by now, water is the key ingredient when shaving. You should always be shaving with warm/hot water. At the end of your shave, however, splash your face with cold water in order to remove the cream, oil and loose hairs off your face. Then apply a shaving balm to moisturize your skin to prevent flaking and peeling.

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